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Updated on Nov 10, 2015
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Let’s face it, we are always blow drying and using irons on our hair- it’s just inevitable. I’m so guilty of this, between hot showers, blow drying, and then styling with an iron on top of using bleach for highlights- I feel like I am my hairs’ worst enemy. I knew there must be a product out there that could nourish and protect my hair from damage and came across the Hask Smoothing Keratin Collection. When using all of the products together, it leaves your hair with a smooth frizz-free shine so that you can style the ultimate blowout guilt free.

Here’s how I used the Hask Smoothing Keratin Collection to get the perfect blowout:

Step 1: Wash your hair with Hask Smoothing Shampoo and then follow with Hask Smoothing Conditioner (which has the most amazing fruity floral smell, btw).

Step 2: Apply Hask Smoothing Deep Conditioner Treatment to your now clean hair, leaving in for ten minutes, then rinsing. Towel dry so hair is damp. Right away I noticed that my hair was super smooth and silky.

Step 3: Apply a coin-sized amount of Hask Smoothing Shine Oil evenly throughout your hair- I always tend to avoid applying directly to the roots and applying more to my ends which are the most dry and have the most heat damage.

Step 4: I used a wide-tooth comb to smooth out my hair and then blow-dried with a round bristle brush. Right away I saw that my hair did not frizz but actually remained smooth and hydrated. My blonde highlights give me the most problem with dryness and frizz but they were just as silky as the rest of my hair.

Step 5: Add another coin-sized amount of Hask Smoothing Oil to the ends of hair. I always like to begin and end with an oil or serum to add more hydration and give it a smoother more finished look after styling. With this second application of the smoothing oil, my hair did not need as much product as it did when I applied it to the first time, so I actually used less than a coin-sized amount.

Step 6: End with a finishing spray if desired, then spend the day flaunting your styled silky-smooth hair.

The great thing about Hask is that they know that women are going to damage their hair and design products that are meant to treat and repair. All Hask products are sulfate, paraben and alcohol free. The Keratin collection is one of my favs because Keratin is a protein naturally found in hair and using these products collectively helps nourish and restore my hair to it’s natural state while revitalizing it with each wash and style. I’ve noticed a huge difference in the texture and condition of my hair since I replaced my old products with Hask. My hair is more bouncy and smooth and because of this it takes me less time to style in the morning. I even noticed that my ends are having less breakage, so I consider these products an answer to all of my hair-problem prayers. I also love the fact that all Hask products are safe for color-treated hair (a big thing I look for) and at such an amazing price point, it doesn’t get any better. You can purchase Hask online or stop into your local Ulta to find them there. If you guys are interested in more details or have any questions, comment below and I will let you know!

Thanks for reading xo

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