1. Stay at an underwater hotel at Dubai
2. Stay at an ice hotel
3. Open a fashion line with one of my best friends
4. Go snorkeling
5. Dine at a toilet-themed restaurant in Asia
6. Re-visit Canada during the winter
7. Learn how to snowboard/waterski/skateboard
8. Try as many weird foods as I can
9. Travel to as many places as I can
10. Learn as many languages that I can fit into my head without mixing them up

haha I could go on. I really have a passion for life. I wanna do the most I can with my life. :)

posted about 10 years ago

haha I keep a mental bucket list all the time

2) Join the Peace Corp or something like that to help people
3) Swim with manta rays and (friendly) sharks
4) Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reefs
5) Go to a really good college and get a nice job
6) Become completely fluent in my native tongue Korean, and also in Spanish
7) Study abroad
8) Adopt some kids
9) Go parachuting/sky diving/hang gliding/bungee jumping/ and snowboarding
10) Plan a huge family reunion in which EVERY family member must attend; I have a huge family

and the list is always growing:)

posted about 10 years ago

1) Travel — a lot
2) Get my masters degree
3) Buy a larger house
4) rescue more birds
5)open my own store
6)spend more time w/my husband and family
7)Paint 100 great paintings

posted about 10 years ago

speak german fluently
go on a beautiful trip (soon!)
get married
change someone’s life.

posted about 10 years ago

1) Travel Europe with some friends
2) Attend a Radiohead gig
3) Try hash brownies
4) Go to Roskilde Festival (this will probably happen next year)
5) Buy a water pipe
6) Have sex with my ex-music teacher
7) Own a Chanel 2.55
8) Get rich
9) Try cocaine

And a bunch of other things I decided not to write. I probably already seem utterly unintelligent, no need to make it worse haha

posted about 10 years ago

- See Radiohead live
- Go to Iceland to see Auroras
- Have a Solo Exhibition

That’s it for now! :S

posted about 10 years ago

Oh and I don’t think underwater hotel in Dubai (I think it’s called Hydropolis) will be done anytime soon.. from what I heard it’s “postponed” (indefinitely)

posted about 10 years ago

1. Travel Asia
2. Live like a local in a foreign country
3. Try foods from all over the world
4. Make a calender with my fox, squirrel and otter characters
5. Have a family
6. Get married and stay with partner til we die
7. Learn at least 1 language fluently
8. Have penpals from all over the world
9. Learn to knit and make plushies
10. Have my own mini business
11. See the 7 wonders of the world
12. See the Aurora

posted about 10 years ago

- Find the fountain of youth

posted about 10 years ago

1) explore the whole of philippines.. (so that I would no longer be a tourist in my own country…
2) travel around the world.. (asia, europe, america, south america.. maybe africa..)
3) get a tattoo..
4) pierce my ears…
5) be fluent in mandarin, nihonggo, spanish and french… =)
6) try extreme sports…

posted about 10 years ago

1. travel to egypt and see the pyramids
2. find true love and have lots of beautiful kids
3. be happy with my life

posted over 9 years ago

ooo I’ve thought about this before. The list is of course, very long. I know a blogger that refers to it as her ‘quarter life list’ – aka things she wants to do before she turns 25. I like that!

Some of mine would be
- Go skinny dipping
- Travel around the world
- Somehow be in a movie that gets into the cinemas. (e.g. as an extra)
- have sex in a semi public place! haha!

posted over 9 years ago

1. Start a charity to raise awareness and help fund treatments for the mentally ill. I think it’s often overlooked, mental illness, because it’s so easy to just call them crazy and move on with our own lives.

2. Adopt a child.

3. Have someone tell me, “You’ve got spunk, kid.” It has to just happen though, I can’t make them say it to me, they have to mean it.

4. Organize a big meeting of pale people at the beach, in support of just accepting your natural skin color instead of tanning it into leather.

5. Cry in public. I never feel comfortable to cry in front of anyone but my mother. It amazed me in high school when girls would walk down the halls crying. How do people feel so comfortable that they cry in front of people?

posted over 9 years ago

WARNING: this maybe a long list
1.) have my nose peirced
2.) have a room just for my shoes.
4.) sky diving
5.) save someones life
6.) sign an autograph.
7.) deliver a baby.
8.) Live with my dad in hawaii
9.) have children.
10.) Go to julliard
11.) help build something rather its a house or a boat.
12.) find a cure for cancer.
13.) be a photographer for one day
14.) entertain the president
15.) become a fashion designer.
16.) meet ringo starr*

posted over 9 years ago

1. learn 3 languages( spanish, french, italian)
2. Live in Tuscany, Italy
3. Get on a rollercoaster that drops straght down
4. Sing at a talent show
5. Learn about the stock market
6. participate in the Study abroad program in college
7. Take ice skating lessons
8. Take ballroom dance lessons
9. Get a PhD Specialty-Nuse Practitioner
10. Just live life!

posted over 9 years ago

1. travel all over the world
2.go sky diving
3. learn how to play the drums
4. attend warped tour
and a lot more, but this is all i can think of sadly

posted over 9 years ago

1) Get a job with a big name fashion company.
2) Get married to my man :)
3) Do a round trip tour of ALL of Europe.
4) Go to Hawaii.
5)Make Style Icon (hahah)
6)Take bellydancing classes
7) Go to Australia & New Zealand
8)Spend $5,000 on a shopping trip
9)Learn how to use a sewing machine and become a pro :)

theres a lot more, but I’m not going to go on…

posted over 9 years ago

1. Pet a penguin.
2. Go on a road trip, a long one- with friends.
3. Have a “Hangover” type adventure in Vegas.
4. Visit London.

posted over 9 years ago

1. Travel.
2. Go to art school.
3. Live abroad.
4. Work hard next year.
5. Be fluent in French.
6. Take a gap year.
7. Improve my diet.
8. Find a job that allows me to travel.

posted over 9 years ago

I have been truly blessed, in that I started writing on of these lists when I was 17, and on my 25th birthday I crossed off the last item on my list of over 100 items. So I have had to start another list. There are lots of things I would LOVE to do that aren’t on this list (many of them you guys have mentioned above, but these are things I would feel sucky about NOT having done if I died tomorrow

- Take CDH (that’s my husband) to London, do lots of shopping, see shows, go to museums, stay in a cute hotellet, and ride the underground.
- Drive a tank
- Drive an aeroplane
- Drive a helicopter
- Drive a train
- Go on a book tour
- Go to a Rocky Horror Picture Show Screening
- Take photobooth pictures in those chinese booth thingies
- DONE Do a modelling shoot
- DONE Appear in a print magazine (as an interviewee, featuree, not the writer)
- Publish a novel
- Publish a non-fiction book
- Learn to make preserves
- See Manowar play
- Meet Manowar
- Visit New York City
- Visit China
- Visit Prague
- DONE Try a face mask thingie from Lush
- Sell artwork at a craft fair
- Go to Japan with John (my equally-blind friend. It will be an adventure)
- Have an art exhibition
- Eat a vegan cupcake
- Volunteer overseas
- Visit Finland
- Visit Stockholm
- Visit Antarctica
- Ride a train across Canada
- Be photographed for a street style blog
- Take mum to South America
- Design a t-shirt
- Own an old fashioned typewriter and type things on it
- Watch my husband play on tour throughout Europe
- Play live on stage with a metal band
- Learn about bookbinding
- Learn to brew mead at home
- DONE Buy a pair of designer shoes
- Love my husband more every day
- Live somewhere where it snows
- Live in a different country
- Speak Fluent German
- See Blind Guardian with a German audience
- Work full time for myself
- Skydive
- Study something at Oxford University (I got in in 2008 but had to give up my place)
- Visit Transylvania
- appear in a metal magazine

So not much to go, really!

posted over 9 years ago

1. go to new york
2. have an article of mine published in either nylon or fader magazine
3. publish a book
4. audition for the la phil harmonic
5. write an original piece for the piano
6. fall in love
7. go up to a random guy i find attractive and kiss him on the cheek
8. have a meaningful conversation in french
9. ride a horse

posted over 9 years ago
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